Water Audits

Water Audits

Water Audit provides you with greater water efficiency solutions and cost savings, whether you need to meet internal policies, comply with legal obligations or demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Public water systems face a number of significant challenges including water quantity and quality concerns, aging infrastructure, more stringent regulatory requirements, and depleted resources. These challenges are often magnified by local climate and population changes.

Every Drop Counts_Water Audits

Water audits are often the most cost-effective and efficient solution to increasing demand. Effective water loss control programs reduce the need for facility upgrades and expansions. In many instances, the results of a water audit can reduce the need to find additional sources. Our water audits and management services include:

  • Complete audit of your plant or site
  • Assessment and determination of water index and footprint
  • Independent Verification Agent (IVA) services
  • An analysis of historical water use
  • Inspection for any leaks and water loss assessments
  • Recommendation of a range of practical and cost-effective measures for sustainable water use
  • Staff training and systems awareness program
  • Critical financial analysis on water demand and costs

Our Lead Water Auditor is Certified by Association of Energy Engineers and works together with Certified Energy Managers and Licensed Energy Auditors.