Solar Energy

Our Solar Energy solutions are driven by both technology and innovation. Our brand is synonymous with high-performing, top-quality, robust, functional and engaging solar systems that delights and delivers results.

Commercial Solutions

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Solar energy is an attractive option, but few people know that it is also an affordable option. Industrial and commercial customers can have their solar systems pay back after a relatively short period. The major components that require careful consideration before any commercial or industrial installation include solar panels quality and efficiency levels, options for storage and reputation of the service provider

Residential Solutions

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We custom design each system using only the highest quality products available to give you the highest output. You will be able to monitor your solar system anytime, anywhere and see what each module is producing. Adding a solar system to your property will increase the value of your house, no sunken capital. With an ever-greater move towards greener living we should all contribute our part to create a sunny future for our generation.

Solar Grid-tie Systems

Grid-tie solar systems are designed for those who already have electric utility service, but wish to significantly reduce their electricity bill. With grid-tie solar systems, you generate electricity and use it along grid power. The main advantage is the relatively low cost requirements since the system does not require batteries which are usually expensive and maintenance cost is kept at a minimum.

Water Pumping Systems

Solar water pumping can be used in both residential or commercial applications. The system can entail use of specifically designed DC solar pumps or use of normal AC pumps. The choice of the pump depend entirely on availability of grid power, nature of pumped water requirements and  cost implication. However, the bottom-line is that solar energy will help eliminate the cost of electricity used in pumping water.

Off-grid Systems

Off-grid systems are ideal in areas not connected to the grid. The system is normally paired with an energy storage system such as a solar battery. While the prices for batteries were quite prohibitive, the current advances in technology have seen design of batteries with longer life span and  depth of discharge of almost 100%. This  makes it more attractive, less costly and very efficient.

Hybrid/Back-up Systems

In hybrid systems, solar system remains connected to grid but have a battery back-up system for storing excess power. Energy from sun absorbed by the panels goes through an inverter to create usable electricity that can either be used directly by the equipment or can be used in charging the battery. The back-up battery provides power at night instead of buying from grid or when there is power outage.

Our Other Solar Energy Services

Solar Energy Feasibility Studies

The first step towards undertaking any solar project entails conducting a detailed feasibility study to inform of technical and financial viability of the project. The feasibility study report is crucial in limiting project risks as well as helping address any issues early enough.

What a Feasibility Study for a Solar Energy Project Entails?

  1. Kick-off Meeting Site Visit and Information Gathering
  2. Technical Analysis and topological survey
  3. Hydrological Study
  4. Geotechnical Study
  5. Preliminary Design Layout and Technical Specifications
  6. Solar Resource and Yield Survey
  7. Security Vulnerability Assessment and Report
  8. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  9. Feasibility Study Reporting

Among our pool of experts are 

  • electrical engineers
  • solar PV experts
  • ESIA experts
  • Topological site surveyors
  • Geotechnical surveyors
  • Civil and structural engineers.
To Kickstart Your Next Project, our Engineers and Solar Experts will help in Conducting a Detailed Feasibility Study with Agility and Speed