Unisource Energy is an exemplary energy management firm accredited by Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). We have trained, qualified and experienced energy auditors, electrical engineers and renewable energy experts that drive the Company agenda of fulfilling and exceeding the needs of clients



To be the preferred company in addressing environmental and energy needs in commercial, industrial and institutional premises in Kenya and abroad



Create a world where energy and natural resources are efficiently utilized to reduce costs and wastage and enhance environmental sustainability



Ethics, Safety,  Efficiency,


Trust & Sustainability


Energy Audit

Electrical Inspection & Testing

Energy Management Training

Water Audit

Energy Monitoring & Control System

An energy audit is a thorough accounting of the energy use of a facility to identify and prioritize specific areas for efficiency improvement. The audit can either be Preliminary, General or Investment Grade.

We inspect & test transformers, Switchboards, Capacitor Banks, Cables, Earth Loop, Polarity, Insulation, dielectric, torque and Buchholz Tests as part of regular maintenance or as may be required by Insurance agencies.

We offer customized training in Best Practices in Thermal and Electrical Systems, Billing and Tariffs, Identification of Energy Saving Measures & Energy-Environment nexus, targeting management and staff.  

Water audits help understand facility’s water use and what can be done to reduce it. This entails developing Water Balance, Water Systems Analysis, Flow Systems Analysis, Metering Analysis, Index and Bench-marking

Our web-based Energy Monitoring System (EMS) is adapted to properties of all complexities, portfolio, and sizes; On-premise & Cloud-based options available. EMS helps in early identification of energy flaws in systems.


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