4 Major Benefits of Energy Audit for industrialist in Kenya

What is Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a survey of the energy consumption patterns of an establishment with the aim of determining the how well energy is being used as well as come up with recommendations on how the energy consumption can be reduced without affecting the day-to-day operations.

4 Major Benefits of Energy Audit for Industrialists in Kenya

Energy Audit Benefits Unisource Energy Kenya

  1. Savings: this is the most important benefit of conducting energy audit. You will save both energy and money from the recommendations of the energy audit.
  2. Compliance: it is a requirement in the law to conduct energy audits for consumers of more than 15,000 kWh per Month (Energy Management Regulations 2012)
  3. Knowing your Indices: Energy audits help establish your energy consumption per unit production/ energy consumption per unit area / energy consumption per unit occupancy. These indices assist in benchmarking with other similar facilities as well as assist in tracking of energy saving efforts.
  4. Projects: From energy audit, the recommendations are classified as low hanging fruits, those that require little/no capital and those that involve a considerable amount of capital investment. From technical and financial analysis of recommendations, one is able to consciously invest in projects that give high returns.
Other benefits of Energy Audit
  • Power Quality: you will be able to know all the parameters of the power that you feed into your equipment. These include current and current variations, voltage and voltage variations, power factor, demand trends and harmonics amongst others.
  • Equipment Efficiency: You will be able to know the how well your equipment consumes power and if the efficiency can be improved.
  • Billing analysis: tariffs and bills interpretation from the energy audit help understand all the parameters billed by the utility company as well as advise if one is rightly placed within a particular tariff. The analysis also reveals if whatever billed is what is actually consumed.
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