Energy Audits: Compliance is beneficial to building owners and tenants

What is Required

To know how much energy is consumed in your facility, an energy audit must be carried out. The Energy Management Regulations of 2012, which were gazetted on September 13, 2013 by the Energy Regulatory Commission, require that an energy audit be carried out every three years


Energy Management regulations 2012

According to Energy Management Regulations 2012, any establishment/ business that consumes more than 180,000kWh/ 648,000Mj per year (Designation of Energy Users Gazettement) Energy is required to conduct an energy audit tri-annually. 

Requirements of Energy Management Regulations 2012

  1. Develop an Energy Investment Plan after the Energy Audit. The investment plan shows the timelines and budget allocations for the projects proposed during the Energy Audit
  2. Develop an Energy Policy: The owner or occupier shall develop an energy management policy for the facility which shall have the minimum requirements as provided in the First Schedule of the Regulations
  3. Develop an Annual Implementation Report that covers the projects implemented and the savings achieved. The Implementation report should be filed with ERC. 
  4. Keep records for the Utility Bills and Production/Occupancy for a Period of at least 5 years
  5. Energy Committee and Energy Officer should be appointed to be in charge of the energy matters of the facility. 


What about New Facilities?

Any new properties are assessed after 12 months to enable Energy Auditors gather the detailed utility data – for electricity, fuel and water – that can then be audited.


When Can You be Issued with Compliance Certificate?

Compliance Certificate is issued when:

  • You implement at least 50% of the Energy Saving Measures proposed During the Energy Audit and the savings are justifiable
  • You have submitted annual implementation report(s) to ERC/EPRA
  • You have a functional Energy Committee and Energy Officer
  • You can demonstrate a continuous commitment towards energy management i.e. training of the staff and communication of the energy policy to all staff and other stakeholders of the organization