Our Customers

As an Energy and Environmental consulting firm, Unisource has customers in various industries ranging in size, scope and experience. Our knowledgeable professionals guide customers to optimal solutions for their energy and environmental needs, and also have the extensive hands-on experience to implement and drive projects to success. Any customer who maintains facilities as a direct or indirect result of their operations, requires energy and can benefit from having a knowledgeable source on their team. Unisource customers range in type, size and needs, but share the common goals to make their energy more efficient, more sustainable and more cost effective. A sample of our customer profiles is as shown below.

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Hotels and Sport clubs
  3. Building and Real Estates
  4. Biotech, Healthcare and Pharma
  5. Government Institutions
  6. Education Sectors
  7. Financial Institutions
  8. Telecommunication Companies
  9. Churches/Mosques/Temples