About Us

Unisource Energy is an Energy and Environmental Consultancy Firm located in Nairobi, Kenya. We are the solution hub for the entire energy and environment requirements for all types of entities that consume energy and rely on natural resources. We achieve this by offering services that meet the criteria set by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). and Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). Our Services includes Energy Audit, Water Audits, Solar Energy Services,

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Our Environmental Services Includes

Our Company is licensed by Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) license number ERC/EAF/00035 to offer Energy Audits.

Also, we offer audits on behalf of Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).


Our Mission

  • Our mission is to make the world cleaner and more sustainable by helping our customers reduce energy costs and become leaders in environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

  • To be the preferred company in solving environmental and energy issues in commercial and residential premises in Kenya and abroad..

Our Values

  • Ethics: We are committed to act with integrity and trustworthiness in all that we do. It is cornerstone for Unisource Energy..
  • Safety: Safety in Unisource Energy is not an option, it is a virtue  we live for. We aim for zero safety environmental impacts, injuries and incidences.
  • Sustainability: We endeavor to meet the infrastructure of the natural resources needs for a growing world, at the same time balancing the social, economic and environmental priorities..
  • Efficiency: We keep things simple by engaging in activities that add value and save money, time and conserve environment.
  • Trust: Our success is built on trust in our clients, teammates and the people.