Importance of Energy Audit

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  1. Verifying whether the Amount of Energy Consumed corresponds to the bills charged by the Utility Company (KPLC)
  2. Establishing the Energy Index for your facility (Energy Consumed/unit production(occupancy)
  3. Identify any electrical leakages/losses 
  4. Determining possible problems/malfunctioning, in order to avoid power peaks (demand charges) and other situations of energy waste
  5. Lower Electricity Bills. 1st guaranteed advantage you will get is in your electricity bill when you look in your electricity bill. Most of improvement’s payback time is very less for themselves i.e. in a short amount of time you will get your invested money back with the monthly savings the new product offer.
  6. Environmental Impact. Energy audits are environmentally-friendly. When your facility consumes less energy, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to decrease unnecessary waste and pollution.