Unisource Energy Kenya is an Energy Consultancy Firm based in Nairobi. Our Mission is to make the world cleaner and sustainable by helping our customers reduce energy costs and become leaders in environmental sustainability. We offer services in Energy Audits, Energy Management Trainings, Water Audits and Environment Management.

Performance Assessment Solutions_Unisource Energy


  • Energy and Mass Balance
  • Measurement & Balancing of Chilled Water Load
  • Measurement & Balancing of Cooling Water
  • Pressure Mapping & Loss Estimation
  • Flow Measurement & Balancing
  • Compressed Air Leak Assessment
  • Thermal Insulation Loss & Estimation
  • Lighting & Illumination
  • Voltage, Current, Demand & Harmonics Assessment
  • Thermography of Electrical and Thermal Systems


  • Pumps Efficiency & Performance
  • Refrigeration Compressors Efficiency & Performance
  • Air Conditioning Units Performance
  • Cooling Towers Efficiency & Performance
  • Fans & Blowers Efficiency & Performance
  •  Air Compressors Efficiency & Performance
  • Heat Exchanger Performance
  •  Electrical Motors Efficiency
  •  Waste Heat Recovery Efficiency &Performance
  •  Boilers Efficiency & Performance
  •  Thermopacs & Thermic Fluid Heaters Efficiency
  •  Furnaces & Ovens Efficiency & Performance
  •  Steam Trap Performance Assessment
Equipment Performance Assessment
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